First time travelling in a motorhome?

Here we answer some of your questions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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What utensils are needed to travel in a motorhome?

Our vehicles are fully equipped with everything you need for your adventure, we offer:

kitchenware (glasses, plates, cutlery, frying pan, pot, can opener, cutting board, Italian coffee maker), cleaning products, and other services (electric extension cord for connection to 220v, hosepipe and leveling chocks).

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Can our pet travel with us in the motorhome?

It is allowed to travel with pets in our motorhomes, as long as the current regulations for the transport of animals are complied with..

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Is it easy to drive a motorhome?

Of course! The only thing you must consider are the larger dimensions of the vehicle. You will get used to it quickly and enjoy driving it. If you are driving in the city, you should pay attention to narrow streets and balconies, as the motorhome is longer, wider and higher than a regular car. Take care with the restrictions at bridges, gas stations, parking lots, toll booths… Oh, and don’t forget about tree branches! J

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What to do in case of breakdown during my trip?

We have a fully comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance (900 101 399, Seguros Bilbao) that operates 24/7 throughout Europe. You can also call us at any time.

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Which motorhome is recommended for families with children?

Our 6-seater Mclouis Glamys 326 cab-chassis motorhome is perfect for your family, we are sure that you will live amazing experiences here. You don’t have to assemble the beds and they don’t interfere with the living spaces. It is possible to nap and play board games at the same time.

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How do children travel in a motorhome?

Motorhomes have seatbelts just like cars. Any kind of child safety seat can also be installed.

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Where can we spend the night with the motorhome?

That is the best part! Motorhomes make it possible to spend the night next to the sea or in the middle of the nature (if it is allowed). We recommend visiting the website www.park4night.com, where you will find plenty of places to park overnight. It is also available as a smartphone app.

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Does it get hot or cold inside the motorhome?

The motorhome is provided with a stationary heating system and is properly isolated. You can drive through mountains or ramble along hot areas without concern.

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How long in advance should I rent a motorhome?

Motorhomes must be rented at least 10 days in advance. If you wish to rent a motorhome at shorter notice, please contact us directly.

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Can I add an additional driver to the rental contract?

Yes, you can. You can register any extra driver during the vehicle handover with no additional cost. All responsibility regarding the extra driver will be assumed by the renter.

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What driving licence do I need to rent a motorhome?

The driver must be at least 25 years old and hold a class B driving license, or an equivalent national license, for more than 2 years. Non-EU residents must be in possession of an international driving licence.

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Cleaning of the motorhome

The rented vehicle must be returned in perfect hygienic conditions, that is with a clean interior. Otherwise, the customer agrees to pay a lump sum of 100€ for cleaning fees. In case the WC or the wastewater tank are not emptied properly, the customer agrees to pay a lump sum of 100€. (We provide the customer with a cleaning kit for the wastewater tank with no additional cost).

It is forbidden to smoke inside the motorhome. Non-compliance with this rule will result in the payment of a 300€ lump sum.

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What should I consider when picking up the motorhome?

Keep in mind that the pick-up process can take approx. 1 hour. We recommend setting an exact pick-up time to avoid unnecessary waiting. Avoid long journeys on the first day. Please take the time to check with our staff that the vehicle is fully equipped and that any damage or signs of previous use are included in the pick-up report.

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What to do if I have an accident or any damage?

In case of accident, theft, fire, or damage caused by animals, you should inform the police and the renting company immediately. All details related to the accident must be reported on the accident report. The fault will never be accepted unless the form “Declaración Amistosa de Accidentes” is completed and presented correctly.

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Service areas for Motorhomes

There are several service areas for campers and motorhomes. Some of them are free, others could cost between 3 and 20 euros, depending on the location. However, it is always cheaper than a camping. We recommend visiting the website, www.park4night.com, where you will find countless places to spend the night. It is also available as a smartphone app.

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If you have more questions, contact us!.